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Operation Staycation: Best Local Beaches


If you haven't had time for a summer vacation yet - or you just want to squeeze in another one -- staying close to home is the way to go. There’s a reason tourists from all over the county flock to our area. We’ve got an array beautiful beaches right in our own backyard! If you [...]

Operation Staycation: Best Local Beaches2019-08-06T13:15:33+00:00

Summer Fun: Local Events for Everyone


Summer is upon us! Soon enough the kids will be out of school and temps will be rising. Summertime often means a change in pace and altered routines. But, it also brings about plenty of fun with local events and activities for everyone! Check out our list of the fun to be had this summer in [...]

Summer Fun: Local Events for Everyone2019-06-03T17:39:50+00:00

Top-Rated Schools and Lifelong Learning in West Villages Florida


With summer approaching and a new school year following, many homebuyers will be evaluating and prioritizing their housing options based on area education. West Villages’ convenient location provides access to an abundance of educational options for children and young adults to grow and thrive. “From early education to lifelong learners, we know education is essential for [...]

Top-Rated Schools and Lifelong Learning in West Villages Florida2019-06-20T19:32:21+00:00

Mother’s Day Fun: The Best in Local Activities & Events


Summer is upon How do you plan on showing your appreciation this Mother’s Day? Celebrate the person who has always had your best interests at heart by enjoying time together. Whether you'll be honoring your mom, grandmother, mentor or friend, here are the best Mother’s Day activities and events going on around town: Explore Tour the [...]

Mother’s Day Fun: The Best in Local Activities & Events2019-06-20T19:30:44+00:00

Coffee & Cars: 3 Chances to Meet Up!


Don't miss all three upcoming Coffee & Car meet-up events, taking place at CoolToday Park, the spring training home of the Atlanta Braves. Sponsored by West Villages, these events are casual car meet-ups for owners and enthusiasts of classic, sports, exotic and muscle cars. These owners are invited to display their cars and mix & mingle. [...]

Coffee & Cars: 3 Chances to Meet Up!2019-05-23T23:34:57+00:00

Atlanta Braves Spring Training Concludes with CoolToday Park Grand Opening


Batters up! The new Spring Training home of the Atlanta Braves is almost open. At the end of March, the final pre-season match-up will be played at CoolToday Park. This state-of-the-art facility is located in the master-planned community of West Villages, within the city of North Port. CoolToday Park In December 2018, the Braves disclosed their [...]

Atlanta Braves Spring Training Concludes with CoolToday Park Grand Opening2019-05-23T23:37:41+00:00

Visit Central Bark at Blue Heron Park


West Villages is already known for its nature trails, parks, bike lanes, wide sidewalks and neighborhood connection pathways, as a way to focus on wellness and healthy living. Now, newly opened Central Bark at Blue Heron Park, offers your furry companion a chance to join in on the outdoor adventures! From separate large and small dog [...]

Visit Central Bark at Blue Heron Park2019-05-23T23:40:09+00:00

Welcome Back Snowbirds!


We are glad to see so many of our friends and neighbors back from “up north”! Each year it seems we see people returning earlier in the fall and leaving later in the spring. We hope that’s a testament to loving life here at West Villages. This time of year, we also look forward to the [...]

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Fall Bucket List


The time for falling leaves and pumpkin everything is in full swing -- and before we know it, we will be ringing in the New Year! There is still plenty of fall to enjoy, though, from sipping hot apple cider to enjoying your favorite football team, there’s an endless supply of ways to celebrate fall. Here’s [...]

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Breaking Ground for West Villages Marketplace


Soon enough anything you need (or want) will be found right in your own backyard! Construction for the first West Villages commercial retail project begins shortly. A neighborhood shopping complex, located at the corner of West Villages Parkway and US 41/S. Tamiami Trail, West Villages Marketplace will offer something for everyone. What’s to Come? Scheduled to [...]

Breaking Ground for West Villages Marketplace2018-10-23T13:13:41+00:00