Home Design Trends for 2019

Rose gold, subway tiles, exposed lighting and modern touches were all top home trends this past year. With a new year quickly approaching, innovative decorating styles and fresh spins on old styles will be coming your way. Here’s what to expect in 2019 when it comes to home design.

Handcrafted Fixtures

Decorators have noticed a shift to fixtures from local craftsmen and small businesses, particularly when it comes to lighting. Celebrate community artists by showcasing their talent in your home. This trend illustrates the focus on natural elements, as design tends to move away from tech centric features. Also enjoying a re-emergence are vintage pendants and sconces in copper and brass finishes.

Nature-Inspired Elements

Speaking of the departure from technology, a major emphasis on natural design will emerge in the upcoming year. Materials such as copper, concrete, stone and granite are being utilized to create a fresh, nature inspired oasis. Last year was about sterile, stark, contemporary spaces. From countertops to geometric concrete tiles, organic elements lend themselves to a crisp, clean look in 2019. A focus on constructing a tranquil environment that echo’s the outside world will come into play.

Velvet Touches

What was once viewed as stuffy and old-fashioned is now seen as luxurious, with a twist of hip. Incorporating funky furnishings with multi-dimensional velvet fabric has already gained popularity and will continue in the coming year. In fact, velvet décor may be one of the most sought after design trends of 2019.

Floral Patterns

While this decorating trend has been around for quite some time, updated floral patterns will begin to emerge. New elements will come into play with this timeless design. Expect to see enlarged proportions, contrasting colors and abstract motifs. Daring colors will be used to create warm, dramatic spaces that evoke a sense of happiness and joy.

Precious Metals

Rose gold was a huge trend in 2018, but the new year ushers in copper elements. Mixed metal accents found throughout the home breathe new life into existing décor. The rich, warm hues lend themselves to nature-based elements that are popular this year. With red and orange tones prevalent in copper, an earthy design is achieved. This metallic trend is easy to integrate throughout the home in the form of accent walls, ceilings, mirrors, lighting fixtures, furnishings and small décor pieces. Likewise, when it comes to fixtures, say goodbye to stainless steel and polished nickel. Brass accents make their way back into our homes by offering a warm, subtle alternative to steel.

Bold Colors

Rich, deep hues will take center stage when it comes to color palettes. Although muted colors keep a space from being too overwhelming, designers believe 2019 is the year of bold shades. Statement pink, dramatic red, daring yellow and organic green will be widely used. Merging pops of color throughout your home allows subdued furnishings and decorative features to stand out. Trade in cooler blue and green palettes for the warmth of tonal red, burnt yellow or millennial pink as a way to update your space. These color contrasts instill warmth and make your home even more inviting.

Whether used as accents or statement features, we are sure the design trends of 2019 won’t disappoint.