Beyond Recreation and Retirees

West Villages Florida sits in the heart of one of the best performing regions in the country – a result of a diversifying economy that is great news for homebuyers. A new report from the Milken Institute shows that the North Port-Sarasota-Bradenton region has shot up the list of Best Performing Cities because of its job growth and a burgeoning high-tech industry.

This is great news for the hundred families a month making a choice to buy in West Villages. A strong economy helps secure homebuyers who are still in the job market, and it signals a sound investment to people looking for second homes or even a place in the warm Florida sun to retire.

The region was No. 1 in 12-month job growth last year – a reflection of the construction boom as well as a growing manufacturing and technology sector in nearby Sarasota.

This area made the largest jump on Milken’s annual list of “large” cities (North Port, Sarasota and Bradenton are considered one, large metropolitan statistical area, or MSA) from the No. 26 position in 2016 to the No. 6 position in 2017.

Milken’s breakdown of the region’s strong economic performance included this analysis: “Though the region is largely a tourist destination and retiree haven, high-tech industry output has been growing recently, signaling some success in the area’s push to diversify its industry profile and thus improving resilience.”

Six Florida cities made the top 25 on Milken’s list, but North Port-Sarasota-Bradenton was best in the state.