4 Reasons to Retire in Florida

If retirement is on your radar, you likely have a few places in mind for relocating. The most important factor to consider for anyone with retirement on the brain is location. Florida has always been a major contender for retirees for many reasons and it isn’t too hard to see why.

For those of you who need a little extra convincing, here are just a few of the reasons why we here at West Villages Florida chose this area as the place to build our beautiful master planned community for our residents.

Perfect weather year-round

Or pretty darn close to it. This sounds like a no-brainer, but an all-too-often misconception about Florida is that it is unbearably hot 365 days out of the year. Ask any Florida resident and they will tell you there is no better climate to live in than the beautiful 75 degrees that we here at West Villages lovingly refer to as the “Sunshine State Standard.”

Lower cost of living

Compared to any number of other states in the country, Florida offers its residents one of the lowest costs of living on the market. What that means for you is more flexibility with your monthly budget. Housing, food and entertainment costs in Florida are comparatively much more competitive than other states with similar climates.

Tax season is a breeze

When everyone’s least-favorite time of year comes around – tax season – Florida residents are prone to exaggerated sighs of relief. In the state of Florida there is no pesky state income tax, no inheritance tax and no estate tax. For retirees-to-be this is a major factor when considering the financial aspects of retirement. Living on a fixed income, most retirees use the money they save on income taxes for home improvements, local adventures and trips to the beach

Life’s a beach

As a recent or near-retiree you’ll be afforded the unique opportunity of enjoying all of Florida’s natural wonders. From wildlife refuges to outrageously beautiful white sandy beaches, Florida has no shortage of marvels for the eye to behold. Being surrounded on by 663 miles of gorgeous beach-strewn, sunset-perfect coastline might be reason enough for any potential new resident to decide Florida is the perfect place to spend the rest of their lives.

We here at West Villages understand you have a number of options when deciding where to spend your retirement but we truly hope you choose our beautiful state as your new and permanent home. We wholeheartedly see Florida as the greatest place on earth and we hope to see you soon!