8 Reasons to Move to Florida This Year

When it comes to great places to put down roots, there’s really no place quite like Florida. We know we’re a little biased but doesn’t a constant 75-degree breeze on your face sound better than shoveling snow every morning just to get to work?

If you’re still on the fence about taking the plunge, check out these reasons to stop procrastinating and start making moving plans:

Temperate Climate

Leave your scarves, hats, gloves and winter boots up north. Slip on your sandals and sunglasses before you head out to enjoy the year-round moderate temperatures.

Tax Breaks

On the fiscal end of things, Florida has a unique position of not having state income tax. This luxury allows residents to save more money for the other things that matter in life — exploring the natural parks or planning a weekend escape to the theme parks, for instance.


Let’s be honest. Beaches are the name of the game when it comes to the Sunshine State. With Florida’s 663-mile coastline, residents could spend a decade trying out every sandbar and inlet and still not have touched them all. Nobody does beach life quite like Florida.

If you envision your toes in the sand and your backside in a beach chair there is no better place in the country to call home than Florida. From Siesta to Sanibel Florida has the perfect mixture of shoreline destinations for any beach-comber.

Nature! Nature! Nature!

Being surrounded by water, most people think beaches are all Florida has to offer but they would be wrong. There are also a slew of natural wildlife preserves, breathtaking wetland retreats and biking/hiking trails to explore!  The rivers offer scenic spots for a canoe or kayak trip.

Wild Attractions

Theme parks are truly a staple of the Florida lifestyle. After all, it happens to be the top amusement park destination in the country! From the world’s most infamous mouse to a land full of everyone’s favorite superheroes, there’s fun to be had around every corner of the state.

Marine Life

If the thought of seeing dolphins and manatees on a regular basis makes your heart skip a beat, no state has more opportunities to see these amazing creatures in their natural habitat than Florida. The Sunshine State’s coastline is rife with vibrant sea life just waiting to be enjoyed!

Exotic Food

Florida is truly the definition of a melting pot of different cultures. Authentic Cuban cuisine in Tampa Bay, fresh local seafood on the coasts and delicious homegrown produce across the state make Florida one of the most exciting places to eat for any food-lover.

Real-Life History

Florida is also home to the nation’s oldest city: St. Augustine. This remarkable “ghost town” is filled with distinct old-world charm the likes of which can’t be found anywhere else. St. Augustine is the perfect place to spend a romantic weekend with a loved one.

It really does feel like the perfect time to make that dream of moving to a milder climate a reality. Here in West Villages, Florida, we’ve cultivated the ideal community for you to get the most out of your relocation. All that’s left to decide is when is the best time for you?