5 Things West Villages Residents Are Not Doing This Winter

If there is one thing we take seriously here in West Villages Florida it is most definitely the weather. At this very moment, this blog post is being typed under the shade of a gorgeous set of palm trees with 75-degree perfection. Can you picture it?

For those of you reading this entry that are inside due to harsh weather conditions, here are just a few reminders of what activities we here at West Villages aren’t having to deal with this winter season.

Shoveling Snow

Here at the beautiful West Villages, we have no need for snow shovels, snow plows or ice scrapers. Are you tired of having to dig your way out of your house every morning? Many of our residents have tossed their shovels to the curb, for good. The only shovel you’ll ever need in your life here is one accompanied by a pail for the beach.

Warming Up the Car

Every winter, millions of drivers must brave the cold – some half-dressed and in their slippers – just to turn their cars on ten minutes before leaving their home. This necessary part of any Northerner’s routine ensures any ice on the windshield thaws and the interior of their car is habitable for the drive to work. Here, you can jump in your car and go without wasting valuable time in the morning – try using that extra 10 minutes to finish reading the morning paper or hanging out with your family!

Getting Cold Feet

No, we don’t mean of the marrying-kind — we mean cold, miserable, frozen toes! Unless you’re an avid steel-toed boot wearer, where there’s snow there’s soggy socks. No feeling is more uncomfortable than the sloshing of a wet sock in your shoe all day. Here in Florida, the only water coming anywhere near your feet is the lapping waters from the Gulf– and only of your own volition!

Living with Laundry Overload

Individuals living in cooler climates can attest that one of the most frustrating parts of living up North is the constant need for layering and the subsequent laundry ordeal that follows. The constant freezing temperatures require a person to build up a multi-layer protection system for their body. Here in West Villages, the only layers you’ll have to worry about are how many layers of frosting you want to add to a cake.

Paying State Income Taxes

Residents at West Villages are keeping extra money in their bank accounts because Florida residents don’t pay state income taxes – ever. That money can be used to enjoy all of the local attractions or delicious food options on the coast.

So if you’re sick of being snowed in every winter, maybe it’s time to consider the idea of moving to a milder climate. At West Villages, we’re always ready to welcome a new Florida resident.