Inside Baseball

We got a lot of help from the community when we broke ground on the new Atlanta Braves spring training complex in October. Getting this project started has been a collaboration of more people than we could ever possibly mention.

Here are a few of the unsung heroes of the groundbreaking event that deserve praise.

  • First, another standing ovation for the choir from Taylor Ranch Elementary who sang the National Anthem for our guests.
  • Thanks to the close ties between Coca-Cola and the Atlanta Braves, the group from Coca-Cola Beverages Florida came through with beverages for the thirsty crowd.
  • Our friends at Caddy Carts brought a few of their high-end, super golf carts to help get our guests from the parking areas to the event tent.
  • The team from Phillips and Jordan left us a few bulldozers and dump trucks as a backdrop for the groundbreaking photos.
  • Sarasota Land Services got things nice and flat for us so that we could host the event safely.
  • Castle Group at Island Walk helped us secure some last-minute ice for the drinks.
  • Brent Greeno at Sights and Sounds AV helped us sound great in the tent during the presentations.
  • And sweeping in at the last moment to help make sure the space was dry and walkable, our friends at Juniper Landscaping brought in crushed shell to give us all a great footing.

We are excited that the Atlanta Braves already are integrating into our community. The team has joined the North Port Chamber and is building out a storefront near Tamiami Trail and Sumter Boulevard where fans can get virtual tours of the stadium.

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